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Throughout the year, Island WISE hosts a variety of events that engage young women across our beautiful Cape Breton Island. Our events provide hands-on experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math through fun, purposeful, and engaging activities. Our participants also make connections with mentors and role models.

Girls’ Science Summer Camp

Girls’ Science Summer Camp is a free full-day week-long summer day camp for girls ages 9-11. Locally relevant, inquiry-based, hands-on investigations led by local STEM experts that volunteer their time and supplies raise awareness and empower young women to see beyond out-dated gender stereotypes through positive action. One of the most popular events is the nature walk, where local traditional knowledge keepers take the campers for a walk identifying various plants and medicinal properties, telling stories of ancient practices and even making mosquito repellent hats. Every year we tackle a new theme for camp and add in new activities so any repeat campers continue to expand their STEM experiences. 

Junior Summer Camp Counselor Program “Building Mentors” 

Girls between the ages of 12-14 may apply to volunteer as Junior Camp Counselors for the Girls' Science Summer Camp. As Junior Camp Counselors, the young women will have the opportunity to learn life-long lessons about responsibility, management and personal growth by leading a group of 4-5 campers through their group research projects during camp.

"Thanks for including me at camp! I had a wonderful time and found it very interesting!" - Claire, Junior Camp Counselor


Working with the First Nations Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey and the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Center for Education, IslandWISE hosts Professional Development Days in our local communities. The objective is to design STEM lesson plans that fit P-6 provincial curricula that will be used by teachers. Lesson plans we have developed over the years will be added to this website in the near future.  


IslandWISE usually runs public events during Science Literacy Week in September. Previous years' highlights include talks on Chemophobia, Historical Women in Science, Science Outreach for Kids, Contests and Prizes and more!

"If you're scientifically literate, the world looks very different to you, and that understanding empowers you." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

GirlSTEM Saturdays

GirlSTEM Saturdays is a free program offered to young women ages 12 -16 that allows them to meet females in STEM professions, and discover STEM in a fun and interactive environment. GirlSTEM provides hands-on activities that strengthen the girls’ confidence and empowers them. Cool activities we have offered in the past include: build a rollercoaster, egg drop, marshmallow structures, science behind fireworks, soap and bath balms.

Have an idea for an event? 

Are you a local youth organization that might be interested in co-hosting an event with IslandWISE? Please reach out, we are open to ideas and look forward to working with more local organizations. 

"But I don't see myself as a woman in science. I see myself as a scientist." - Donna Strickland, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2018

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